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The Trulli of Alberobello

Today we want to talk to one of there eses magical places scattered across the planet. It is located in Italy and I assure you that is worth seeing at least once in life. We refer to the Trulli of Alberobello , some doll houses that seem almost fairy tale , but we are real. Moreover, although it may seem staggering , there are people living in them.

The trulli ( teals ) have their origins around the year 1500 and are characterized by the conical roofs of buildings and their magic symbols . Such houses are mainly in the districts of Aia Piccola and Monti Riona in Alberobello, a town south of Bari in Plugia , surrounded by lush olive groves .
UNESCO World Heritage

The Trulli of Alberobello , which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1996 , are renowned worldwide for their beauty feature and represent one of the most extraordinary examples of Italian architecture.

There was a time when the feudal lord imposed a tribute to the people of Alberobello raised by each house. For ease of collapse if they stopped paying the IRS , the obligation imposed on a stone and lime were to be used as a constructive way , without mortar.
Features trulli

Alberobello is universally known as the capital of the trulli . Here , each of them having different sizes and shapes . Often it is only buildings but may also occur attached to a set of contiguous houses. Some have two floors. Most roof has gray cone-shaped ball or hemisphere terminated . Inside is a single room with a space for the fireplace, and several bed furniture. The structure promotes good temperature : cool in summer and warm in winter.
The vaulted ceilings of the trulli have a pinnacle decorated with mystical and religious symbols that were used to identify the master builder and therefore purchasing power of each family

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